Because the light bulb has to want to change

Sometime in 2011, Steve Krug and I were chatting about a puzzling challenge in usability: the agreed but unfixed problem. ‘Agreed problems’ are ones that clients are fully aware of and agree need to be fixed. ‘Unfixed problems’ are ones that clients have not yet fixed. ‘Puzzling’ because some of those problems stay unfixed, sometimes forever.

We decided to do something: A survey of usability practitioners to find out whether they’d encountered the same challenge, and to find out their views on how to deal with it.

We reported on our findings at the UPA conference in Las Vegas in 2012, and published our slides on SlideShare.

Recently, we learned how to make presentations accessible. So we’ve republished the slides on SlideShare, this time with alt text in place. For most people, they look just the same, but if you use a screenreader we hope you’ll find them more informative. If not, please let me know.

(We explained the ‘Iight bulb’ joke on slide 62.)

featured image: by Omer Sonido on Unsplash