Chicago Camps Tent Talk: Who cares about forms? You should – and here’s why

Caroline Jarrett: "Who cares about forms? You should - here's why" at Chicago Tent Talks Do you ever feel that everything you try to do, especially online, means getting through some form or another? I certainly do. But also, why are so many of them full of problems?

I was thrilled when Russ Unger – also a Rosenfeld Media author – invited me to do one of his Chicago Camps Tent Talks. And even more thrilled when he suggested that we might chat about forms.

It was a chance to point out the hidden costs of poorly designed forms, and to muse on topics like the evolving landscape of form design, and the impact of modern technologies such as AI and machine learning. I enjoyed being challenged by a couple of great audience questions from Neil and Jane, too.

Thanks Russ, especially thanks for all your hard work in creating audio, takeaways, and transcript versions of the talk