New training course: Content design for forms

Content design for forms: a brand new training course taught by Caroline JarrettI’m delighted to announce that I’ve teamed up with Crocstar Training School to offer a new course: Content design for forms.

This course will help you to create better questions, hints, help, and error messages

Asking questions in the right way can make all the difference when designing forms. Clear, easy-to-answer questions can increase completion rates, reducing the number of users that don’t complete a journey.  And collecting the information you actually need from your form.

Often the focus is on the technology and interaction design when creating online forms. But technology can’t make up for asking the wrong thing, asking something in the wrong way or just asking a bad question. You need to work out what it is you want to find out, how you’re going to use the information and then find the best – and most understandable – way to ask the question to get the answer you need.

We’ll also tackle the often-neglected topics of hints, help, and error messages. Yes, we can persuade people to use help – when we write it and introduce it in an enticing way.

You’ll work with me on your own forms

Working with me on your own, real-life examples, you will learn how to:

  • investigate why every question is on the form and find out what you will do with the data collected
  • recognise what makes a good question, and how to avoid bad ones
  • write instructions that are clear and easy to follow
  • create help and hints that people actually use
  • write error messages that are constructive and encouraging.

If you’re working on a service or a product that has forms then this course is for you

If you’re a content designer and you are working on a service, or product that has forms as part of it, then you’ll find this course is for you.

You service could be in discovery, alpha, beta or live. You might be working on ‘business as usual’ content. You might just be wondering whether your hard-won content design skills are useful for improving forms. Or you may be new to content design, and want to get started by working on the many words associated with forms. I’m hoping that we’ll have a lovely variety of people at the course and will all learn from each other.

I’m partnering with Crocstar

I’m delighted to be working with Crocstar to offer this course through the Crocstar Training School.

Join me at their Shoreditch, East London premises on Thursday 27th June 2024, 9.30am – 4.30pm. 

There will be a maximum of 8 people – so get your ticket soon by booking Content Design for Forms on Eventbrite.