Designing forms that work: UX Australia workshop

UX Australia logoThanks again to the UX people in Melbourne and Sydney who came to our UX Australia workshops on “Designing forms that work”, and to Donna Spencer for organising them.

I started us off with an introduction to thinking about forms.


Jessica Enders talked about ‘Visual Design for Forms’. She reminded us about gestalt, and how thinking about six of the gestalt principles can help us to improve our forms.

Sketchnote of Jessica Ender's talk on Visual Design for Forms
My sketchnote of Jessica Enders’ talk on Visual Design for Forms. Download the full sized sketchnote of Jessica’s talk (.gif)

Gerry Gaffney took us through a case study: the juror system for New South Wales. It was good to be reminded that successful forms work because they are designed to meet the needs of users, and are part of a complete eco-system.

Sketchnote of Gerry Gaffney's talk
My sketchnote of Gerry Gaffney’s talk, a case study of the New South Wales juror system. Download the full sized sketchnote of Gerry’s talk (.gif)

Shannon King also did a sketchnote of Gerry’s talk.


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