“Write good questions for forms” advice in the NHS Digital service manual

Someone asked me about writing good questions for forms. As usual I recommended the NHS Digital service manual page as a favourite resource – and then I thought “have I put that on my website?”. And I hadn’t. So here it is (and I’ve added it to my best practice page, too).

I enjoy observing the NHS service manual team work in the open on GitHub. Especially as a focus of their work recently is around encouraging people (and I include me) to do just that:

I’m proud to say that the service manual team drew on earlier work led by me to identify the topics, and did a lot of content design and user research to condense many ideas into one very useful page. If you’d like to dig into the history, here are two background posts and then a summary of what they did:

Screenshot of the page https://service-manual.nhs.uk/content/how-to-write-good-questions-for-forms please click through for the text
The NHS Digital service manual page on How to write good questions for forms