Surveys that work: a webinar for UXPA

Some of us find that colleagues or clients think of ‘doing a survey’ as the same as ‘doing some research’ – which may explain why organisations send out so many survey requests. In this webinar, for UXPA International, I introduced UX colleagues to the Survey Octopus – my friendly way of talking about the many issues that make surveys one of the most challenging research methods.

In the webinar, I talked about

  • Explaining to colleagues that a survey may not be the first research method to try
  • The importance of testing questions
  • Using the Survey Octopus to work through the issues that go into deciding on a sample size

As a bonus, I also explained how the Survey Octopus maps onto the Total Survey Error concept that underpins the work of many survey methodologists. For more about the Survey Octopus, and a thorough introduction to creating surveys that work, my book is now available: Surveys That Work: a practical guide for designing and running better surveys.

View the recording of the whole hour on YouTube