Thank you Gerry Gaffney for UXpod

UXpod logoI’ve been an enthusiastic listener to Gerry Gaffney’s podcast, UXpod, and was honoured to be a guest more than once. I was sad when he mentioned that he had decided to stop doing it – but a bit happier when he said “yes” to my idea of me interviewing him in a farewell episode.

I loved hearing Gerry reflect on 16 years of podcasting, ranging from an early interview on personas, through more recent topics such as designing for safety, AI, and ethics.

And of course, it was fun to hear a couple of anecdotes about forms (Gerry is the co-author of Forms that work, which came out a couple of years after he started the podcast).

We also chatted about Gerry’s tips for anyone interested in starting their own podcast series, and I insisted on getting him to talk a bit on two of his favourite topics: cycling in Melbourne and the “livable city”, although he was uncharacteristically brief about them.

Thank you Gerry, both on behalf of the user experience community for the many many years of hard work, and from me personally. I’ve enjoyed hearing people I know reflecting on their books, and also being introduced to people and ideas that were new to me.

You can listen to our interview here: 16 years of UXpod

Or read the full transcript: 16 years of UXpod