How to look at a form in a hurry

board showing four personas created for a client. The personas include photos and details about the personas' life circumstances.

Personas by Ant Mace, who developed them with a client to inform their web design. Licensed under Creative Commons

Anyone who has heard or read more than one of my presentations will be familiar with my mantra: ‘test, test and test again’.

It’s the only way to find our whether something really is usable, and yet we’re sometimes put in a position where we have to give judgements (sometimes known as ‘expert opinions’) on the usability of a product without doing a usability test.  For example, when deciding whether the product is ‘fit for test’, which of a number of versions should go forward for testing – or because there’s neither time or budget.

How to look at a form – in a hurry was initially written and delivered by Whitney Quesenbery and I for the Usability Professionals’ Association Conference in Denver, Colorado in 2006, using a personas-based approach to reduce the risks inherent in being asked to make snap judgements.

Download How to look at a form – in a hurry by Caroline Jarrett and Whitney Quesenbery.