Form design and usability – an interview in the UX review

“Whose work should you be checking out if you’re interested in better forms?”

screen grab showing the start of the Citizen's self arrest form

I always tell people forms are fun, so it was great to be asked to share the best form joke I’ve come across. This screengrab is from the Citizen’s self-arrest form

For me, that’s the most interesting question I was asked in a new interview on forms design and usability for theUXreview because it gave me the opportunity to share a host of links to people and articles that have impressed me.

Editor Chris Mears also asked me who inspires me on forms. I had to say it is those who fill them in. Watching them always motivates me to want to make better forms and encourage others to do the same…starting with the advice I share in the interview.

Read the interview on Form design and usability by @Chris_Mears_UX in theUXreview