Quiet time on my own – poster

Quiet time on my own - a heron stands on its own near a watery scene“Quiet time on my own” is the second poster in my collaboration with illustrator Julia Allum.

I chose the phrase “quiet time on my own” for this poster because it’s so crucial for me personally. I love to be with people, and then I need time on my own to reflect, be quiet, and recover.

Herons spend a lot of time alone

We are fortunate to live near to a small river and the Grand Union Canal. I walk along the canal tow path regularly, and often see a heron – always on its own, always standing quietly and watching the water. If you walk too close to a heron, it will quietly and without fuss move to another spot. Julia captured the stillness and watery watchfulness in her characteristically lovely style.

How to get hold of the poster and stickers

As with our previous poster, Julia has generously agreed to make the poster available with a creative commons license. So to print your own: download the Quiet Time poster as a .pdf

If you’d prefer someone to print it for you, then visit Julia’s shop for A3 or A4 versions. She also offers beautiful GiclĂ©e fine art prints. If you particularly like the heron, you’ll see that there’s a poster for the Norfolk Broads that features another one.

I’ve been enjoying handing out stickers to people recently. If you want a sticker, you can make some yourself or catch me next time you see me.

Quiet time on my own - as a poster