Intercom interview on designing surveys that work

design from home page of Inside intercomIt was a pleasure to share my thoughts on surveys themes with Liam Geraghty, of the Intercom podcast.

We chatted about:

  • Why catching people in the moment, rather than days later, is the best way to get quick, accurate results.
  • The importance of using the smallest sample you can that can still deliver good quality results. It’s less work, it’s less intrusive, and it gives you the opportunity to do another one if the first one goes wrong.
  • How to write questions in the language, style of speaking, and phrasing that people use rather than your corporate jargon.
  • One of my favourite pieces of surveys advice:  prefer fewer, much smaller surveys to the ask everyone everything survey.

You can hear the full interview, or read the transcript here: Web form specialist Caroline Jarrett on designing surveys that work.