Creating effective surveys for instructional design: podcast

It’s always fun to compare ideas with an expert with a different focus, so I especially enjoyed a chat about surveys with instructional design expert Connie Malamed, The eLearning Coach.

We discussed:

  • the difference between a questionnaire and a survey
  • different types of surveys: descriptive, comparative or tracking
  • recommendations for designing, planning and writing a survey
  • when there’s merit in even a tiny two-hour Twitter poll despite the biased sample
  • why you shouldn’t send surveys to a very large audience
  • what you need to know about sample size
  • four steps (or actually five) for writing questions that get accurate answers
  • common mistakes people make in creating surveys
  • interdependent aspects of a survey (the survey octopus)
  • and how to organise and code answers to qualitative questions.

Listen to the full podcast Creating effective surveys for instructional design (36 minutes).

Read the transcript ELC074_Creating Effective Surveys for Instructional Design ( .doc)