Can you say something that SDinGov 2022 needs to hear?

Updated 5th October 2022: we had a great session. Read the report on lightning talks at SDinGOV. I’ve kept this call-out here for context.

Have you got something new or different to say to people who design services in government?  Are you from a group that is under-represented at conferences in general?

If so, then how about joining me in a ‘lightning talks’ session at the Service Design in Government (SDinGOV) conference?
It’s in Edinburgh, Scotland, 28-30 September 2022.

The SDinGOV conference is committed to increasing diversity

This conference is constantly looking for ways to include under-represented people and increase diversity. This year will be the 9th conference. A keynote at the first one back in 2014 featured Sarah Drummond, founder of the design agency Snook, who is currently working on Don’t Say Gay a film about the infamous Section 28 anti-LBGTQ+ UK legislation.

Speakers over the years continue to reflect SDinGOV’s commitment to diversity. Part of that commitment includes looking for ways to include new speakers and thinking of new formats, so this year I’m running a new type of session: lightning talks.

Lightning talks are a chance for the conference to hear your views

The lightning talks session will have short talks by people who are usually not well-represented at user experience or technical conferences. You might be someone who:

  • has a new perspective on service design topics,
  • has something to say that you wish other people knew,
  • rarely or never gets an opportunities to speak.

Your talk might be about:

  • Your story about how you got into your current role
  • How your background has given you a different perspective on your work
  • Something you know about that other people doing service design ought to know
  • A challenge that you want to throw at the other conference attendees
  • Or something else – especially something I haven’t thought of.

I’m expecting that your lightning talk will be about ten minutes long.

If you feel you want some help getting your ideas into talk-shape then I’m happy to work with you – or if you’d prefer to work with someone who isn’t a white woman, then I’ll find someone else to support you.

You’ll need a ticket to the conference

This session is only open to people who have a ticket to SDinGOV.

If you already have a ticket, that’s great.

If not, there are a couple of ‘opportunity tickets’ available for people who would benefit from being at the conference but who aren’t able to get anyone to pay for their ticket.

Interested in speaking? Contact me

Updated October 2022

We haven’t yet decided whether to do a session like this at a future conference. If the idea of doing a lightning talk appeals to you,  or you have any questions I can help with, then please email me at, or call me on +44(0) 1525 370379

Sponsor an opportunity ticket for next year

The 2022 conference sold out. If you like the idea of increasing diversity by helping people to attend the conference who cannot afford a ticket, then please consider sponsoring one at the 2023 conference. For sponsor opportunities, please email Allison at Software Acumen.