The Most Crucial Question and the Burning Issue for Product Makers

four steps to establish your survey goals: what do you want to know; why do you want to know; what decision will you make based on these answers; what number do you need to make the decision The Product Makers community invited me to share some thoughts about surveys.

To get the best value from a survey, it’s important to be really clear on why you are doing it. In this talk, I encouraged product makers to think about the decision they will make based on their survey, and then to define a Most Crucial Question that will help them to make that decision. You can read the relevant part of my book in this excerpt from Chapter 1 – Goals.

The Most Crucial Question is focused very specifically on the concerns of the organisation that is doing the survey. But what about the people who answer? They may have things that they want to say – which I call Burning Issues. And maybe it’s not surprising to learn that the Most Crucial Question and the Burning Issues rarely align, so we need space in our surveys for both.

Thank you to Scott Baldwin for the invite, and to the participants for a lively question and answer session that followed my talk – available as both slides, and as a video recording, below. Find more talks for product makers through The Product Makers Community organised by ProductBoard.