How to deal with clients who focus on only one aspect of a UX design

A bright red ladybird sits on a green leaf next to some blue flowers
Focus on the flower or the whole garden?

“Is it our duty as UX professionals to ‘train’ clients to embrace the whole of User Experience – or should our starting point be enthusiasm that they’re willing to consider users at all?”

Janet Six, Managing Editor of UXmatters,  collected some answers to that question in her April 2020 Ask UXmatters column.

My contribution was to suggest that respecting the client’s vision is a good starting point, and share the ‘yes and…’ approach which I use to help achieve better results for users.

Carol Barnum, Director of User Research at UX Firm, added her ideas – inluding the concept of ‘local’ and ‘global’ findings, to help the client to see the context around their area of interest.

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image: Caroline Jarrett, creative commons license