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Surveys that work: A practical guide for designing and running better surveysMy book on surveys – Surveys That Work:  a practical guide for designing and running better surveys – is now available from Rosenfeld Media.

On this website I’ve added additional material, sources and bonus content which I was unable to fit into the book. You can find links to the extra content on the book’s page here: Surveys That Work: the book and extras. You can also read a sample chapter here: Surveys That Work: An excerpt from Chapter 1.

There are other resources you may find useful

Here are a few starting points I compiled before my book was published:  Best practice in surveys: a round-up.

Or go to the full list of my publications and presentations on surveys.

How I can help you to make your surveys more effective

For more than two decades I have been working with clients to improve their surveys.  My clients include government agencies, major corporates and not-for-profits in three continents.

Better surveys start with improving the user experience so you get better response rates and better quality data. I can support you with:

• identifying whether a survey is the right approach;
• writing good questions that users can understand and answer;
• building and designing the questionnaire;
• testing the survey;
• turning raw data into valuable insight.

I also offer training courses in surveys that work.

Contact me to discuss making your surveys more effective.