The form you have or the form you need?

Entrepreneur magazine on do-it-yourself forms
Entrepreneur magazine on do-it-yourself forms

Jonathan Blum of Entrepreneur Magazine asked me for my thoughts on whether build-it-yourself forms tools can help small businesses. I said:

“Not just small firms, but all firms make the mistake of believing that because they have been using a form for a while, that means it’s a good form. These tools make it relatively easy to reproduce the form you currently have. They don’t help you figure out if that is the form you ought to have.”

I’m greatly in favour of making better forms that meet user needs, and I loved his description of a Calgary entrepreneur’s use of a simple form to keep her clients up to date.

Read Jonathan Blum’s case study of a small business success: Too Much Paperwork? Embrace the Build-It-Yourself Online Form from the June 2015 edition.


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