UXMatters and Effortmark

Earlier in October, my attention was drawn to a couple of tweets from the @UXmatters account.

A respected UX thought leader, Vivianne Castillo, tweeted about “The talks I want to give next year” starting with “The Caucasity of the UX Industry”. I interpret her tweet as calling out issues of racism and sexism within the UX field.

Pabini from @UXmatters responded in a way that I consider completely unacceptable, and later added another tweet that I also find unacceptable.

Since then, @Uxmatters has issued an apology and @pabini has also issued a more detailed apology. Some people, including Vivianne, have found the apologies unacceptable.

I have many columns published on UXmatters, some of which I think are quite useful – especially those co-authored with Ginny Redish and Naintara Land. All the columns are also available on this website.

In the circumstances I feel I have no choice but to distance myself from UXmatters. I will no longer be writing for UXmatters or contributing to the ‘Ask UXmatters’ feature. I am exploring options for what to do about historic content.