Surveys training

Surveys that work

Surveys seem easy: anyone can throw together a few questions, send them out, and hope that they are rewarded with a decent response. But we’ve all seen examples of poorly conceived surveys that couldn’t possibly deliver real insights for the organisation that sponsored them. For anyone who needs to design and interpret surveys and questionnaires, this course offers a practical guide to every stage of the process, from defining goals through writing better questions to analysis and reporting.


In this one-day course, you’ll learn about the process of creating a survey that works, starting with the goal of your survey and continuing through analysis of the data and creating a presentation.

The programme covers:

    • defining goals and understanding users
    • when to use a survey method; and when not to
    • an introduction to sampling
    • the psychology of answering questions
    • writing questions people can answer
    • the stages of building a questionnaire
    • how to test your work
    • data cleaning and data analysis
    • techniques for reporting results

A key feature of all Effortmark courses is the work we do to understand the specific needs of your organisation and staff. This enables us to tailor the material and examples  in order to make all elements fully relevant to how the day’s learning will be used in practice.

To discuss running this course for your organisation please contact us.