RM workshop 2022 Feb 14

Links for people who are coming to the survey workshop, 14th to 16th February 2022

Day 1: Goals and sample – Monday

Get into your groups for introductions

We have three groups

  • You are in Apple, Orange, or Cherry
  • Elle is here to help us

Introduce yourselves

  • Your name and role
  • A random thing about yourself

5 minutes

Keep a note of your answers to these questions

Please note your answer to these two questions. We’ll use them later.

  1. How many surveys have you run?     NONE      1 to 5      6 to 10      more than 10
  2. What is your top tip for a better survey, based on experience of writing or answering?

Let’s practice with the retro board

Please share

  • your number of surveys (none is fine!)
  • your tips (none yet is fine!)


5 minutes

Establish your goals for your survey

Our context is that some stakeholders want to do a survey. Their opening statement is: “We want to know what users think about our new funding application process”.

We are going to a meeting with the stakeholders and we want to take some ideas with us to the meeting.

Write an idea about why you might want to know.

Write an idea for a possible decision based on the survey.

Write an idea for a number that the stakeholders might use to make the decision. (Hint: “?” or “no idea” is ok, but try).

Join your breakout room

  • Visit the Mural board https://bit.ly/RMWKGOALS
  • Find the board area for your breakout room
  • Add your sticky notes
  • Discuss in the room
  • 5 minutes

What’s the Most Crucial Question?

Look through the questions in this survey https://bit.ly/DEFWKMCQ

What is the Most Crucial Question?

2 minutes

Who will we ask?

Our stakeholders have asked us to do a survey this this goal: “We want to know what users think about our new funding application process”

We need to head to a meeting with them with some ideas to discuss about what strategy we will use to find them.

We can suggest ONE of these:

  • Narrow down from a public or private list
  • Snowball up from contacts
  • Catch them in the moment

Into groups please. 5 minutes

What are the Burning Issues?

  • Think about a service that you’ve used recently
  • Make a note of any Burning Issue that you had
  • (We will look at a possible questionnaire together in a moment – it will be in the slides)

What effect size would you like to see?

  • We are looking for a change in the expected 33% response rate
  • What difference in response rate (effect size) are we hoping to detect here?

A total of [x] individuals were randomly assigned to one of three conditions in a mailed paper questionnaire where demographic questions were:

  1. not asked,
  2. integrated at the end of the survey, or
  3. included as standalone questions on a separate piece of paper