Forms training

Forms That Work

If you want users to answer your questions easily and accurately, then you need forms that work. This one-day course will help you to understand how forms work, and what to do to improve the design of your form.


Suitable for anyone whose work requires them to design or work with forms, the course focuses on the human aspects of effective forms rather than on programming. While our teaching examples are web forms, many of the principles we cover apply equally to forms in print.

The programme covers:

  • Understanding the user experience with forms and questionnaires on the web and in everyday life
  • Investigating your existing forms, and bringing together the business and user needs when you design your new forms
  • The three layer model which describes how forms work at the relationship, conversation and appearance levels
  • A six-step process of creating forms that works for the users:
    • Define the information requirement
    • Understand the relationship
    • Write questions
    • Create a conversation
    • Design an appropriate appearance
    • Test
  • Creating an action plan for forms within the organisation.

A key feature of all Effortmark courses is the work we do to understand the specific needs of your organisation and staff. This enables us to tailor the material and examples  in order to make all elements fully relevant to how the day’s learning will be used in practice.

To discuss running this course for your organisation please contact us.