Surveys that work: extras and additions

Surveys that work: A practical guide for designing and running better surveysMy book on surveys is now available: Surveys that work: A practical guide for designing better surveys.

You can order it from any online retailer but I would be grateful if you choose to buy directly from my publisher, Rosenfeld Media.

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You can read an excerpt from Chapter 1 here: Surveys That Work: An excerpt from Chapter 1.

Additional material

This is where I’m collecting things that I couldn’t fit into the book.

Status of the additional material 13 July 2021

There are pages linked below, some more complete than others. I will be adding to them in the coming weeks. If there’s something you need straight away, please contact me.


Definitions Chapter: What is a survey? and the Survey Octopus

Chapter 1 Goals: Establish your goals for the survey

Chapter 2 Sample: Decide how many people to ask and how to find them

Chapter 3 Questions: Write and Test the Questions

Chapter 4 Questionnaire: Build and test the questionnaire

Chapter 5 Fieldwork

Chapter 6 Responses: Turn data into answers

Chapter 7 Reports: Show the results to decision-makers

Chapter 8 The least you can do


These are a collection of notes I made for the relevant sections of the book.

Spotlight A: Four different types of survey

Spotlight B: The Net Promoter Score and Correlation

Spotlight C: Satisfaction

Spotlight D: Statistical significance

Spotlight E: Privacy

Spotlight F: Questions to ask when you use a survey tool

Spotlight G: Choose your mode – web, paper or something else?

Spotlight H: “On a scale from 1 to 5” – Likert and rating scales

Spotlight I: A good chart is easy to read and honest