RM workshop 2022 Feb 16

Links for people coming to the survey workshop on 16th February 2022

Day 3: Responses and reports (Wednesday)

Have a go at data cleaning

You’re going to try the next stage of data cleaning

Your next decisions are about responses

  • Which columns would you remove? Why?
  • Would you rename any columns? To what?
  • Which entries would you remove? Why?

Someone in each group be ready to tell us all your choices.

10 minutes

Work out a percentage

A ‘Like / Dislike’ question got these responses

  • Strongly dislike  2
  • Dislike  6
  • Neither dislike nor like  14
  • Like  31
  • Strongly like  13

Total responses  66

Please work out: the percentage of respondents who ‘like’


  • To work out the percentage of respondents who chose the answer ‘neither like nor dislike’, notice that 14 people chose that response and divide by the total responses, 66.
    14 divided by 66 is 0.21, which is the same as 21%
  • Some people prefer to combine the scores in various ways. For example, you might choose to weight the scores or combine some types of score

Name four things that appear in this picture

We are using Rene Magritte’s picture “The heart of the matter’. The owners have withdrawn the picture from display but you can see a copy of ‘The Heart of the Matter’ here

Please note four things that you see in the picture.

Try my method of coding

Step 1:   Read a sample of the comments

Step 2:   Decide on a coding frame

5 minutes

Hint – I mentioned four types of coding frame

  • Topic (as in the museum example)
  • Positive or negative about something (sentiment)
  • Who is responsible for doing something (department)
  • Nuggets for the report (cherry-picking)

See how it works on all the comments

Step 3:   Apply the coding frame (phase 1 coding)

Then we’ll come back and think about it together

10 minutes

Write a better title for this slide

Context: the goal for this survey was to do a baseline measurement before deciding whether to do a ‘Share your magazine’ campaign. The overall aim is to get at least half the magazine subscribers to share.

Optional: decide whether to report the answers differently

Including yourself, how many adults usually read or look through your copy of the magazine?

Choice Responses
1   434
2   190
3   39
4   8
5   0
6 or more   5


5 minutes

Final retro for the three days


  • Anything useful from today
  • Not useful / confusing / could have skipped
  • Want to know but hasn’t yet come up
  • Has come up but want more

Extra for today

  • Comments on the entire three days