RM workshop 2022 Feb 15

Links for people coming to the survey workshop

Day 2: Questions, questionnaires and fieldwork (Tuesday)

Do you say your name differently?

“What is your name?”

  • In a formal context – applying for a job
  • In a social context – meeting the friend of a friend
  • On the phone – getting a delivery sorted out

Let’s practice finding problems at each step

I’ve chosen two examples from my library

Have a look at them in your groups on Mural https://bit.ly/RMSfoursteps

Make notes about any problems you spot at each of the four steps:

  • Understand
  • Find
  • Decide
  • Place

5 minutes

A person-led review. The first bit: the person.

Our stakeholders have the aim “We want to know what users think about our new funding application process” and they have created a draft questionnaire that we will review.

Choose the name of a person

Write something about:

  • who the person is
  • their experience with the funding application process

Please discuss in your groups

Let’s compare answers. The second bit: expert review

Your copy of the questionnaire is:

You can edit / add notes / comment in the copy

Report back with your views

10 minutes

Decide on which emotion(s) you might assess

Please discuss in your groups. Your copy of the questionnaire is:

The link is: Microsoft Product Reaction Cards Unlock User Satisfaction – Part I (uxfirm.com)

Report back with your choice(s) – or decision to do none

5 minutes

Now create your own version of the questionniare

Write your version of the MCQ, or decide to keep the one from your key stakeholder: “What is your overall score for the application process?”

Decide on, or write, a question that allows for Burning Issues

Decide on, or write, representativeness question(s). Here are some suggestions:

  • Did you finish the application?
  • What sort of work do you do?
  • Is this grant for your own organisation / business or are you a professional helping someone else?

Decide whether to keep or remove any other questions in the draft

Report back with your choice(s) – or decision to do none

15 minutes

Write the invitation and thank-you


  • Consider your privacy policy
  • Decide on your approach to anonymity and confidentiality
  • The invitation can be part of the questionnaire
  • Thank-you is usually on a separate page

10 minutes

Try this thought-process exercise

Answer this question:

“How many windows are there in the place where you normally live?”

Note your thought processes

Add your throughts to the retro